4 Things About Nevan Hooker

1. I have modeled my life after Forrest Gump…I move from place to place, learning new things, having new experiences, and making new friends along the way. I’m currently in Las Vegas…next is TBD.

2. I no longer work for money. I sold my internet business in a multi-million dollar deal with a media company on the NASDAQ in 2018. My mother always said ‘overnight success usually takes around 15 years.’ She was right. I started working on building a company in 2002.

3. I have dedicated my life to learning wisdom…specifically about how the world works, the laws of power, marketing, critical thinking, archetypes and the power of myth.

4. I enjoy writing about things I’ve learned, and I also enjoy consulting with individuals and organizations. Contact me if you need help. “One tiny tweak made me $100,000+.”

5. I used to be a professional magician. Those were the days…