Timothy Ferriss Releases New Book ‘The 40-Hour Workweek’

Tim Ferriss is back with a new bestseller, The 40-Hour Workweek.

Twelve years ago, Timothy Ferriss struck a chord with his bestselling The 4-Hour Workweek, which has sold over a million copies to date. The tagline for that book was “Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich.” The year was 2007, and his book helped open the door to a new way of thinking about work. But, for a frame of reference, iPhones didn’t even exist when The 4-Hour Workweek was released. Let that sink in. Chances are, you weren’t even on Facebook in 2007.

A lot has changed since then…a lot. And, Ferriss is striking a chord again. The tagline for his new book is “Escape Toxic Entrepreneurship, Live in One Place, and Join the New Normal.”

“Boring is cool again. This book explains why. Highly recommended.” – Ben Stein, writer, lawyer, actor, and commentator

In a nutshell, people became so consumed with entrepreneurship that they forgot how to work. People became so consumed with not being tied down anywhere that they had no community. And, people became so addicted to the dopamine loops of iPhones, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit that they became like walking zombies, in a borderline state of clinical psychosis. That’s why Ferriss’ new book is such a breath of fresh air.

The 40-Hour Workweek was officially launched at a book signing last night at a San Francisco Barnes and Noble hosted by Tim Ferriss, with special guest Ben Stein who gave commentary on the book.

“Bueller…Bueller…Bueller…the reality is that there’s no such thing as a 4-hour workweek. It’s a fantasy. Life is about hard work. There are no shortcuts,” Stein explained. “The princess isn’t in another castle. She isn’t anywhere. She’s not real. Nothing is real. There is only suffering.”

For more, check out The Tim Ferriss Show, which is often the #1 business podcast on all of Apple Podcasts, and is consistently ranked #1 out of 500,000+ podcasts on many occasions.

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