Dale Carnegie is back with ‘How To Lose Friends and Alienate People On Facebook’

Dale Carnegie has finally released the long-awaited follow up to his classic self-help book.

Dale Carnegie wrote the book on developing relationships, both personal and professional, with his best-selling How To Win Friends and Influence People. Today that book – originally released in 1936 – is still considered a must read in the self-help genre. Carnegie hopes to strike gold once again with the follow-up.

“The original book was released more than 8 decades ago. It was a different world,” Carnegie explains in the introduction to the new volume. “Back then, we didn’t have social media. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Hell, we didn’t even have computers back then. Or televisions. Or Frisbees. . . Oh, to be 48 years old again!”

The new book takes into account all of these technological advances; bringing Carnegie to the startling, yet inevitable conclusion that in our hyper-connected, information overload society developing true and lasting relationships is nearly impossible.

“The more connected we become online,” Carnegie asserts, “the more we unravel as a community. As a society.” Does Carnegie believe there is hope to turn things around? In a word: No. As Carnegie laments in the final words of the book: “I wish I were dead.”

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