Francis Chan’s New Photography Book Features Pictures of Church Leaders Reading His Books at Starbucks

Author Francis Chan has done it again, challenging the Christian community with his latest bestseller, Pictures of People Reading My Books In Coffee Shops.

Chan has been a popular author since 2011 with the release of Crazy Love. That book about living out a life-changing, revolutionary Christian life, instantly struck a cord with American Christians looking for new books to take pictures of themselves reading while sipping $7 caffe lattes.  

With Pictures of People Reading My Books In Coffee Shops, Chan is leaning into the phenomenon – much to the delight of his readers. Kyle Donaldson, a longtime “Chan Fan”, has already posted 314 separate photos of himself drinking coffee while holding the book, unopened. Each post has been accompanied by the same three hashtags: #lifechanger, #wrecked, #isaidnofoam. “It’s really a calling,” says Donaldson. “I’m not just drinking a Grande iced 3-pump coconut milk white mocha; I’m doing the Lord’s work.”  

In the introduction to the book, Chan explains his motivation for writing it: “Christ has called us to be a light in the world. We are to be his witnesses wherever He sends us – whether that be a Starbucks in the heart of New York City or a Starbucks in a poor fishing village in  Bangladesh. Let the light on your phone shine, dear Christian, as you snap photo after photo of yourself reading my books while sipping on a caffe latte.”

Paraphrasing Jesus, Donaldson reiterates this sentiment: “They’ll know we are Christians by our Instagram posts.”