Fyre Festival Documentaries for Dummies Book Now Available Following Netflix and Hulu Documentaries

The most popular failed music festival of the decade is the latest subject of the newest Dummies book.

Last month, both Netflix and Hulu released documentaries at the same time about the Fyre Festival, the failed luxury music festival that took place in the Bahamas in 2017.

“People were confused when two documentaries were released at the same time last month, so we felt like it was the perfect subject of a Dummies book to help people differentiate between the two documentaries,” Billy McFarland, co-founder of the festival, said during a phone interview from prison.

People who watched the Netflix documentary then wondered what they missed in the Hulu documentary and vice-versa. Only people with subscriptions to both services were able to watch them both. And, with so many different people featured in the documentaries, it’s led many on a frantic Google search to discover where the people are now.

“What happened the Andy King? Where is he now? What is he doing? I must know!” someone tweeted using the hashtag #takeonefortheteam.

Ja Rule, Holla Holla rapper and co-founder of Fyre Festival, signed copies of the books at the official launch party at a New York City deli, where cheese sandwiches were served to everyone who bought a copy of the book.

In Fyre Festival for Dummies you’ll learn about the different documentaries that have been made about the Fyre Festival, the similarities and differences between the documentaries, and what the people featured in each of the documentaries are doing now.

Fyre Festival for Dummies is now available from Amazon.

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