Jordan Peterson Releases New Dating Book and Announces Plans for a New Dating App

Jordan Peterson has finally released his highly anticipated follow up to his bestselling 12 Rules for Life book, Dating Secrets of Lobsters: An Antidote for Loneliness.

The book features more in depth study of the hierarchy of lobsters, their mating rituals, and lessons that can be applied to dating for human beings.

“People don’t realize just how much in common we have with lobsters. There’s a lot of practical wisdom we can extract from studying their behaviors. It’s really remarkable,” explained Peterson at last night’s Valentine’s Day eve book launch in Toronto.

“This is the most helpful dating advice book you’ll ever read,” is the book’s front cover recommendation from Instagram star Dan Bilzerian.

Peterson announced an upcoming speaking tour to promote the book, and announced plans to launch a new groundbreaking dating app called Lobster Seeks Lover that will match users based on their place in the dating hierarchy of their geographical location. It’s the first dating app of it’s kind. The app is scheduled to launch in fall 2020.

Visit Jordan Peterson’s website for tour dates and more information.

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