Tidying Up’s Marie Kondo Releases New Book Dumbed Down for Americans

Marie Kondo is on a mission to bring peace and spark joy through home organization and decluttering.

Kondo, the creator of the KonMari Method, has gone from being a star in her home country of Japan to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. She has even transitioned to television personality with the launch of her recent Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, where the diminutive star helps American families declutter.

It was during the taping of that show when Kondo had the idea for the new book. “Americans are filthy, dirty pigs,” Marie told CBS This Morning through her interpreter. “They aren’t going to transform their homes. Half the time, they’re too lazy to even take a f***ing shower. I had to dumb things down. Way down.”

The new book outlines a modified KonMari Method, specifically for Americans, called the CoMonGeez Method. The CoMonGeez Method emphasizes small, daily progress over the grand overhaul of the KonMari Method. “It’s so easy, even an American can do it,” Kondo proclaims. The book is an instant hit. Gale Knutson of Minnesota has already seen results.

“I’ve been using the CoMonGeez Method for two weeks now,” Knutson proclaims, “and I’ve almost completely organized one whole drawer!”

Kondo’s new book is available from Amazon.

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