My Review of Rick Warren’s New Book ‘The Purpose Driven Sex Life’

Rick Warren has built a career by offering Christian answers to the most basic human question: Why am I here? But as his new book explains: “Once you figure that out, the next question is usually: How, where, when, and with whom can I get it on?”

While Warren’s previous book The Purpose-Driven Life set out to answer the former question, the just published follow-up seeks to answer the latter, more important question.

The book follows the same 40-day format as his previous book, with exercises each day for couples to perform together. And with chapters like “Full-time Missionary Position”, “Praying Mattress”, and “Mutual Sanctification,” there is sure to be something for every Christian. There is even an Instagram account for the book, to make the experience more interactive. “Readers can share their photos to let us see how they are progressing,” says Darcy Kinsey, the book’s social media manager.

This is no sexual free-for-all, though, assures Rick Warren, a conservative Christian pastor. “It is God’s intention that sex be between one man and one woman in the covenant of marriage,” Warren said in a recent television interview. “And God’s intention for that man and woman is that they go at it like rabbits.”

In the end, Warren’s book is an attempt to remove some of the stigma and shame that Christians often feel in regards to sex.

“I just want believers to let go of their inhibitions,” Warren says. “We should be Arminians in the boardroom, and Calvinists in the bedroom.”

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