$100 Conversation with North Dakota Author John Bayer

John Bayer’s weekly North Dakota newspaper humor column was ranked #1 in North Dakota and ranked #2 nationally.  It was so successful he turned it into a best-selling book titled 15 Months of Winter: My Year in North Dakota (makes a great gift for anyone who lives in North Dakata or ever visited…it’s hilarious). JohnContinue reading “$100 Conversation with North Dakota Author John Bayer”

$100 Conversation with Pro-Blogger Tony Kummer (his website had 6 million visitors last year)

I paid $100 to Tony Kummer to share wisdom about being a pro-blogger. The little website he started in 2007 now gets MILLIONS of unique visitors each year and has become his full-time job. Tony’s Favorite Blogger Seth Godin View Seth’s blog here. Tony’s Favorite Movie Master and Commander Tony’s Wisdom for Bloggers and ContentContinue reading “$100 Conversation with Pro-Blogger Tony Kummer (his website had 6 million visitors last year)”

$100 Conversation with Photography Professor Alice Anthony

I paid $100 to Alice Anthony to share the wisdom she’s learned throughout her life as a photography professor. She taught photography at East Tennessee State University and then Milligan University for 28 years, and recently retired from teaching in 2019. She has a special familial bond with all of her students. Alice Taught PhotographyContinue reading “$100 Conversation with Photography Professor Alice Anthony”

$100 Conversation with Chef Geoffrey Blanchette

I paid $100 to Chef Geoffrey Blanchette to share the wisdom he’s learned throughout his career with me. Chef Geoff is an American Culinary Federation Certified Executive Chef, has been to 9 world competitions, has 57 world medals, and has been working in the cooking industry for 36 years.  He’s currently the owner of RBIContinue reading “$100 Conversation with Chef Geoffrey Blanchette”